Defund T-Shirt - BLK

This print was originally designed by @brownbartbaby. The JXTA Textiles team printed t-shirts and tanks with the timely illustration – for sale only at the JXTA Shop. 


Says the artist of the design:

"What can 'defunding' the police look like? It can include draining bloated police budgets and redirecting funding priorities to services which lead to more equitable outcomes and greater community safety than policing ever has. State sanctioned killing, brutalization, and the daily humiliation of Black and Brown bodies in service of maintaining a racial hierarchy is not something you can reform incrementally - it is something that must be rooted out.

Policing, in its current iteration, is a relatively new phenomenon and it is time to make it a relic of the past. The drawing was a doodle that came to me as I watched the Minneapolis uprising, and thought of the traditional piñata song - Dale dale dale, Ya tu tiempo se acabó (Go ahead - your time is up!)."


Please note: all products are made by hand by apprentices in our studios; as such, production and shipping take time. Please be patient if items are sold out, and check back often for availability.