South Side Angels, 2018

Archival Digital Print on Canvas, 36" X 22"


Edition of 5

Prints are produced on demand. Owing to their custom nature, delivery of your purchase may take up to three weeks.


Inspired by a powerful scene from the show Rel, speaking on the consequences pf gang life. The gang conflicts in Southside Chicago and the ongoing crisis in the Congo share a deeply troubling commonality: both involve extensive intra-communal violence that disproportionally affects black communities, resulting in tragic losses and profound suffering, especially among children. In Southside Chicago, youths are trapped in a life of conflict that hinders their social and economic prospects. Similarly, in the Congo, decades of conflict have led to children being recruited as soldiers and countless others left orphaned and displaced. In both scenarios, the fabric of the community is torn apart. This internal violence magnifies the tragedies these communities face, perpetuating cycles of hardship and violence the impact the most vulnerable-children-by stealing their safety, childhood, and potential for a better future.