Spirit is a Fire, 2020

Archival Digital Print on Canvas, 36" X 22"


Edition of 5

*Prints are produced on demand. Owing to their custom nature, delivery of your purchase may take up to three weeks.


The Dagara view fire much differently from Westerners, both literally and figuratively. The two ideas are almost exact opposites. In the West, fire is thought of as something wild, dangerous, and unmanageable. It drives the individual into uncontrolled fits of passion and a restless pursuit of material things. To a Dagara, the craziness that fire inspires in the West comes from the fact that fire is upset that Western people have forgotten their purpose in life. The fire within us is what causes our real family-those we are always drawn to when we see them-to identify us. From the realm where the ancestors dwell this fire can be seen in each and every one of us, shinning like the stars that you see above your heads. The Kongo people call this fire moyi, or life associated with the qualities of the sun.